Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 19th January 2018 Written Update

Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 19th January 2018 Written Update by Amena

Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 19th January 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Saloni packing Ahana’s bag. Ahana wakes up and sees her. Saloni says you are not taking care of yourself, you are going Goa, you need a change. Ahana says what are you saying, mom is in hospital, Anant is not at home, I don’t want to go. Saloni says Tarun and I are there with Laila, don’t worry, so much happened in recent days, time will make everything fine, get away from problems. Ahana agrees. Saloni says check the things once, get ready and come. She goes. Rehaan asks Saloni what did Ahana say. She says she agreed. He says thanks, I tried hard to convince her for Goa project, it was tough, it was sister’s love which did it. She says I should thank you, you are taking care of her when Anant is not here.

He says I had to do this, I wanted to discuss

something with you, when we were together, I had troubled you, I was so stupid. She says that age is such, we both were stupid, you are a good human, you have a golden heart, I knew this even that time, nothing changed. He says Saloni, do you have a towel, I won’t be able to stop my tear flood by a kerchief. She smiles. He thanks her. She says its fine.
Roshni asks Anant to come, she is getting bored. He says just two mins, I m sending a mail. Ahana calls him. He asks how is Laila. She says she is out of danger, she is recovering, I m fine, Rehaan’s friend has a bungalow in Goa, he asked me to help. He says you should go, you will feel better, Rehaan will be with you, I need not worry. She asks anything else, okay bye. Roshni says dad, Ahana is going to Goa, her mum is in hospital, what happened to Rehaan. Anant says enough, we won’t talk about family. She says sorry. He says lets go for shopping.

Saloni feeds Laila. She says we were so scared for you, we were praying that you get fine. Laila says the world is very bad, there is a betrayal everywhere, I couldn’t have left you two, where is Ahana. Saloni says I shouldn’t tell you anything. Laila asks what happened. Saloni says I had tried to convince Ahana, but Ahana has aborted the baby. Laila asks what are you saying, I m your mom, I wish for your good, where is Ahana, tell me, call her, I need to talk. Saloni says Ahana was worried, she didn’t want to go, but I forced her to go to Goa with Rehaan, so that she feels better. Laila says no, you didn’t do good, this should have not happened.

Rehaan and Ahana come to a hotel. He says I will call my friend. Paint falls over her shoulder. The person apologizes. She says its fine, I will clean it. Rehaan helps her and gets some liquid. She tries to wipe the paint. He asks may I help. She says yes please. He cleans the paint off her shoulder. Ae dil na kar….plays…. He recalls her. She asks is it done. He says yes. She says thanks. He goes out and thinks what’s happening to me. He thinks of Ahana and runs on the road, removing off and throwing his shirt. He gets tired and stops. He shouts.

Rehaan comes to Ahana and greets. He asks shall we go for dinner. She says yes okay, give me two mins. She wears the boots. He looks at her. Ae dil na kar….plays…. They have dinner. He imagines a moment with her. He drops her to the room. She waves bye. He shuts the door.

Rehaan asks Ahana to open the door. She takes a knife and says I don’t want to lie. He asks her to stop it. She shouts. He kisses her.

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