Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 17th January 2018 Written Update

Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 17th January 2018 Written Update by Amena

Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 17th January 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rehaan asking Gupta to leave. Gupta laughs and says relations are strange, they change in an instant right, you were enemies right, you came to my house to get info about her, what happened, did she become your friend. Rehaan says she is not just a friend, she is imp part of my family, I won’t hear anything against her, please leave without creating a scene. Gupta says okay, I will leave but…. I gave a week time to Laila, Ahana and Saloni can take their belongings from home. He taunts them.

He says where will Laila go, she has no place to live, vacate my house, give this flowers to Laila. He throws the flowers and goes. Doctor says Laila is fine now, she doesn’t need oxygen. Laila asks nurse to send Rehaan in.

Rehaan comes to Laila. Laila says

the world in which my accident happened, Rehaan used to hate Ahana, but I see a different world now, Rehaan was defending Ahana, you took my side, how did this happen. He says I always support truth. He says I didn’t see Ahana true one week before, but now I feel she is right, so I m helping her, get well soon. He goes.
Saloni ruins the house and says I will burn this house and get peace. Kittu informs Tarun and asks him to come fast. Saloni tries to ignite fire. She says I have to do this. Tarun comes and stops Saloni. He asks her did she go mad. She cries. He says we need you, please be strong. Rehaan gives coffee to Ahana.

She asks him what’s happening, he is helping her, he is being with her, maybe she wants to say thanks and is unable to say. She thanks him for making her life easy. She says I didn’t see this Rehaan before, helpful and caring, don’t you have any classes to attend, you may leave if you wish, everything is fine now. He says I m waiting for something else.

She asks what. He says your slap, you have slapped only once, you can slap me many times, I m waiting for your forgiveness, I did wrong. She says I m waiting for someone’s forgiveness. Doctor says I have given sleep medicine to patient, you can also go and rest. Rehaan says we will go home. She says I will just get reports. Anant asks Aarav to take care and not trouble Yamini. Roshni says I m ready, come.

Anant asks am I forgetting something, currency….Ahana calls Anant. Roshni disconnects. Ahana feels sad. Roshni says I kept your phone in the bag.

Rehaan and Ahana are on the way. She thinks of Anant. Rehaan asks what happened. He sees a car coming their way. Rehaan drives off the road. The car hits the tree and catches fire. Ahana recalls Anant’s words and locks herself in the car. He asks her to come out. He breaks the window and gets out. She says let me die. He asks did you go mad. He hugs her. She says I don’t want to live.

They sit talking. He says anything could have happened to you, do you want to die. She asks for whom shall I live, you know everything, the man I need the most, my husband Anant, he isn’t here, he left me and went away, the woman I hated all my life, my mom is in hospital, I told her to stop pretending to be a mum, I tried to have a family, I failed in that as well, Roshni never accepted me as mum, things go wrong always, no one loves me, no one needs me. She cries. He says you don’t need to blame yourself, don’t hold yourself guilty, why are you punishing yourself. She says if anything happens to mom, everyone will say I wished for that, I m very selfish, when my dad died, I was terrified, my dad meant the world to me, I just thought what would happen to me, I thought the same even today, I m selfish. He says its not called being selfish, much has happened with you, its okay, don’t over analyse the situation.

Rehaan learns about Ahana taking anti depressants. Ahana says there is nothing left in my life. Rehaan looks for her.

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